Genealogy: Rowe, Prince

6th Jan. 2006

Contact: Michael, Pasadena, USA

I am researching the family tree from my mother's side by which her last name was ROWE, from Texas, her mother's name was Prince.
ROWE: Ohio-Illinois-Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas.
PRINCE: South Carolina-Tennessee-Arkansas-Oklahoma-Texas
This is from the earliest to the most recent.

Within the Rowe, there was "Leavitt", which arrived in America in the early 1600's and can be traced back to the early 1400's.

However, the mystery remains on my Great Grandfather John Dillard Rowe who married Luella May Cocks, in 1905, from Pueblo Colorado. This is one of the areas that I need to find out where it came from.

On the Prince side of the family, there is my Great Grand Father Scott Prince from Conway Arkansas, who married Stella May Hughes, place unknown. She is another mystery woman, so need information regarding her as well.

One more thing.

I understand that there was a John VALOR in London who was caught shoplifting on the 16th of January of 1683 and found guilty. I need to know if this was family as well and what the sentence was.

The Valor Family resides mostly in Venezuela originating from Upata and El Palmar, Bolivar State which is South East along the Orinoco River and said to have migrated from there to Cuba befor 1959 and then to Miami. I on the other hand carry a dual Venezuelan/American citizenship and left Maracaibo to Houston where I currently reside (Pasadena).

Can anyone help me with this?

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